Experience traditional, hand-crafted photogravure printmaking using a modern, non-toxic process





7 June - 13 June 2020

20 September - 26 September 2020


This is a 5 day comprehensive group course that covers the entire workflow of direct-to-plate, polymer photogravure printmaking. You will learn the entire process, from processing a digital image to printing with a traditional etching press. This is one of the very few photogravure workshops in Europe that teaches DTP printmaking. It is essentially a practical course, although there is always room for creativity and experimentation.


It will include:

  • an overview of polymer photogravure print making with examples of different approaches

  • learning how to calibrate polymer plates for UV light exposure and accurate tonal reproduction

  • processing your images using Photoshop

  • DTP printing, exposing and processing the plate, and preparing for print

  • preparing the paper; inking, wiping and pulling the plate through the etching press

  • personal tips and methods








28 June - 4 July 2020

30 August - 5 September 2020


This is a 5 day group course that  combines a chosen photographic approach (still-life, studio portraiture or outdoor photography) with an introduction to photogravure printmaking. I will help with any gaps in technical knowledge and will offer instruction on lighting, set-up, props, etc, as needed. You will learn through example and practice. Camera equipment can be sophisticated or simple - even a smartphone! What matters is how you use your tools, not how fancy they are. You will select an image from your shoot to make a photo-etched metal plate and then produce a series of beautiful photogravure prints from it. This is a very special opportunity for a hands-on experience of photogravure printmaking. Not to be missed!


It will include:

  • studio lighting tuition

  • previsualisation methods to help you shape your picture before shooting it

  • cataloguing, editing and processing your selected images

  • practices to help you make strong photographic work with feeling and emotion that reflects your true inner self

  • preparing your final, processed image for direct-to-plate printing using Photoshop

  • an introduction to the calibration of polymer plates for UV exposure and tonal reproduction

  • photogravure plate making: printing, exposing and processing the plate

  • printing your image by inking, wiping and pulling the plate through the etching press





Preparatory India ink drawing and linocut printmaking course



31 May - 6 June 2020


This is a 5 day group course for beginners or improvers. Participants will be given an opportunity to gather visual references in situ to develop a drawing that will aid in preparing to carve a linoleum plate.  


The course will include:

  • guidance and discussion surrounding composition and subject matter

  • an exploration of mark-making with India ink as an approximation to the linocut mark

  • exercises in drawing that help you to 'loosen up'

  • transposing your India ink drawing onto your linoleum plate

  • a run-down on the basics of carving linoleum and mark-making conventions

  • carving and proofing as a gradual process

  • paper appreciation, handling and prep

  • printing and editioning

  • summary and discussion of works produced








By arrangement


The private classes are tailored to allow you to develop your specific areas of interest. The subjects that I cover in these classes may include all that is mentioned above, from photogravure printmaking to the photographic approaches in still-life and portraiture, as well as practical sessions to connect more deeply with your inner self to develop artwork with deeper meaning. I am open to discuss any suggestions or ideas that you may have which you would like to explore within these areas of creative work. Please don't hesitate to let me know.



  • 2 days/3 nights €900

  • 3 days/4 nights €1300

  • 4 days/5 nights €1700

  • 5 days/6 nights €2100


INCLUDES private accommodation, meals, drinks, as per the group classes. Also includes sole use of the studio with partial or full support.


DOES NOT INCLUDE printing materials; travel costs (airport pick-up/drop-off can be arranged); personal/health/travel insurance.




Group classes are limited to FIVE places only and are suitable for participants of any level of experience, as each person will progress according to their own abilities and at their own speed.



€1290 per person, per course. Includes workshop activities, materials, accommodation, meals and drinks.



  • 5 course days plus materials.

  • 6 nights accommodation in a private, en-suite room at Casa da Cabaza.

  • All meals, snacks and drinks, including wine/beer with evening meals.

  • 1/2 day excursion (optional) to the ancient Roman-walled city of Lugo for a Galician lunch, followed by a visit to the regional museum's collection of Spanish etchings.

  • Full use of guest facilities at Casa da Cabaza.



  • Your travel to arrive here. (Local airport pick-up/drop-off can be arranged).

  • Personal/health/travel insurance.



A typical day will consist of 6 - 8 course hours, breaks for meals and drinks, and time to rest, reflect and do your own thing. The programmes are not rigid and can be adjusted to suit requirements.


The courses are intended to shape the flow of ideas and work, allowing you to develop your skills and approach, not restrict them.


A typical week might be:

  • Day 1: arrival, introductions, tour of location and facilities, discussion of the week’s programme, evening meal with the group

  • Days 2: demonstrations, examples and videos; then you will start getting into the work

  • Day 3: you will be working on your own with assistance and tuition when needed

  • Day 4: morning in the studio; afternoon visit to Lugo (optional).   

  • Days 5, 6: completing final work, with feedback and summing up.

  • Day 7: breakfast, goodbyes and departure




A non-participating companion is welcome to join you and share your room for an additional fee of €240 for the weekly group workshops (or €40 per day for shorter courses) which includes all meals and drinks.



You may also wish to extend your stay before or after the course to see more of the region's attractions. For more info go here.